Other regions

Institutional investors based outside of Europe, North America and Asia can access some specialist investment services outlined below. If you are interested in any of these products or services please contact us to ascertain your eligibility.

Segregated Fund Management

The specific investment needs of large investors and pension schemes are often best accommodated by segregated funds, which are tailored to the individual investor’s requirements. Our segregated funds benefit from our specialist expertise in certain markets.

Assets are bought and sold for each segregated client according to an individual brief, rather than being pooled with other clients' investments. Available worldwide, a segregated fund can be used to benefit from our specialist expertise in certain markets including equities, bonds, property, private equity and treasury.

Money Market Fund Management

Investors are increasingly looking to access our cash management expertise. In particular, our flagship AAA Fund for dollar, euro and sterling liquidity has been widely acclaimed. Standard Life Investments AAA Cash Fund is an open-ended investment company split into sub-funds that are denominated in sterling, euro and dollar.

Evidence of the fund’s success is the explosion of assets under management from a standing start to £9.6 billion*. Our active cash management expertise is underpinned by a strong investment process with three core principles – security of capital, daily liquidity and a competitive yield. Our consistent success is testament to the resilience of our process.

Private Equity Investment

We manage approximately £4.0 billion* in private equity for insurance companies, pension funds, and high net worth individuals. Our private equity investments include retail funds, in-house capital and limited partnerships. Our team has more than 150 years of private equity experience and can demonstrate an outstanding long term track record. In addition, each member of our investment team has extensive direct deal experience, which gives us a unique insight into the investment strategies employed by the managers we review for our private equity fund of funds vehicles.

Our clients invest with us because our process is consistent and focused. We have always concentrated on buy-outs in western Europe, a successful strategy for over 20 years. It is this approach, combined with our wealth of experience, which has allowed us to generate excellent returns for our clients.


*assets under management as at 30/06/08

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